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Our Location

Fairholme is located 1 mile west of provincial road #305,
turn off 15 miles south of highway #1 or 8 miles north of highway #2.

Advantages of Longarm Quilting

The quilt maker does not need to baste the quilt.
Since each layer is loaded into the rollers and frames of the longarm, there is no need to spend time crawling around on the floor with pins or spray. This is a strenuous part of quilting that many people struggle with.
Whether done by hand or on a machine at home, quilting is time consuming.
Many people just don't have that kind of time available, and they would argue that the expense of having their projects quilted professionally is well worth it.
We are very accessible.
We are local and affordable.
It's easy!
Machine quilting is strenuous and cannot be achieved by everyone. If you don't like wrestling your larger quilts in your home machine, then hiring a longarm quilter might be for you. Due to a rise in popularity, this service is more affordable than ever.


For general questions regarding our quilting, please contact us anytime by filling out the form on this page.
We will do our best to respond to your questions within 24 hours.
Please include your phone number if you prefer a call back and a good time to call you.