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Nature & Outdoor
Themed Quilts

Reflect your love of the outdoors when you choose a pattern from our Nature & Northwoods selection

From trees and leaves to florals and geometrics, you will find thousands of beautiful nature patterns for your next quilt, apparel, or home décor project.

Batik & Cotton

Create vibrant, graphic quilts using batik and cotton fabric.

From gentle neutrals to intense jewel tones, subtly blended hues to high-contrast colors, gorgeous quilts with stunning fabric combinations.

Native American
Star Quilts

To honour and to comfort,

Quilts are important items in many Native honoring ceremonies. In Native communities, quilts bring honor to those who receive them and to those who make them. They are used to acknowledge rites of passage and to recognize specific achievements of individuals.

The Morning Star announces a new day—a new dawn. It represents fresh beginnings and serves as a reminder to give thanks.