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Let's make quilts together!

Bring your pieced quilt tops to Fairholme for longarm quilting. Our long-arm machine does a beautiful job. We have thousands of pattern options, from simple to elaborate custom designs.

We'd enjoy the oppertunity to plan your quilt with you, working together in creating your masterpiece will be both satisfying and rewarding.

A quilt is not a quilt till it is quilted!


Design Options

Choose your quilt accents a from simple meandering or custom quilting design. Our custom quilting beautifully complement and enhance your quilting style and design.

Reliable Service

Quality Longarm Quilting service provided with a quick turn-around time

Long-arm Quilting

Collaborate for a beautiful finish

Lifetime Memory

Quilt products make great gifts and last a lifetime or two.

What is

Long Arm Quilting?

Longarm quilting is the procedure of using a longarm sewing machine to sew together the three layers of a quilt (quilt top, batting, and backing).

Advantages of Longarm Quilting
When it comes to having a quilt finished on a longarm, there are quite a few advantages. The quilt maker does not need to baste the quilt. Since each layer is loaded into the rollers and frames of the longarm, there is no need to spend time crawling around on the floor with pins or spray. This is a strenuous part of quilting that many people struggle with. Whether done by hand or on a machine at home, quilting is time consuming. Many people just don't have that kind of time. Longarm quilting makes it easy! Machine quilting is strenuous and cannot be achieved by everyone. If you don't like wrestling your larger quilts in your home machine, letting us longarm quilt might be for you.




We custom-make quilts to your design, color and size specifications.
Any Pattern - choose your own or pick from one of ours.
Choose any material, any type of batting (poly fill 3 oz, 4 oz, 5 oz or cotton)
Choose type and colour of backing (flannel or cotton)
We do provide design and color coordination expertise as well